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For over twenty-five years Hospice and Home Care of the Blue Ridge has faithfully served our Mitchell community. We continue to operate as a non-profit agency and are committed to our belief that patients always come first.

During the past several years we have expanded our services to include Yancey and Avery, as well as parts of McDowell, Burke and Madison Counties. We serve each county with the same high quality of care that has been the hallmark of our ministry to those facing the end-of- life. Our commitment to the highest level of care possible will never waver as we continue to care for those who need us most.

Comfort, Love and Dignity--- these words embody the essence of our care. They are woven into the heart of our promise to provide the best care possible for all our patients and families. Comfort, love and respect are deeply connected to the health of body, mind and spirit.

When we speak of comfort, freedom from physical pain is a primary concern. Medication and personal care assistance as well as emotional and spiritual support are essential for comfort. Frequently, physical pain is significantly diminished when emotional and spiritual pain is resolved.

A gentle touch, a reassuring presence or a single tear--- all are expressions love that defy words. This love doesn’t seek to bend others to our will. It’s rooted in grace that is never cheap and doesn’t play favorites. This is love that honors the worth of each person we serve.

Every patient and family we serve is treated with dignity. All of our patients are treated with the utmost respect. Every patient has the right to make their own choices with regard to their care. We always strive to accept and affirm those choices without judgement.

When you choose Hospice and Palliative Care of the Blue Ridge, you are choosing more than simply another agency doing business as usual. You are choosing a team of exceptionally qualified, compassionate and dedicated persons who have answered a call to committed service. Our patients and families come first--- always. The needs of those we serve at the end of life are our priority. And that is a choice you can count on.  

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