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Community Alternative Program

A community Alternative Program that allows disabled adults, 18 years or older to stay in the comfort of their own home.CAP clients are provided the care and support needed to enable the them to make choices and decisions about their own care.

CAP/DA- Program is for adults who have no third party support system and are at risk for being placed in a long term care facility.

CAP/Choice- Allows clients to direct and have control over their own care and services.

Eligibility Requirements
-Person must be 18 years or older
-Must be eligible for Medicaid
-Person who lives in a private residence, who is at risk for nursing home placement
-Person whose health and well-being is at risk and who can be maintained at home with the Medicaid      cost limit 

Services Include:
Adult Day Health
Home Accessibility and Adaptation
Personal Care Aide
Meal Preparation and Delivery
Institutional Respite Services
Non-Institutional Respite Services
Personal Emergency Response Services
Medical Equipment and Supplies
Participant Goods and Services
Community Transition Services
Training, Education and Consultation
Case Management
Care Advisor (CAP/Choice Only)

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